Tomato - Solanum lycopersicum L.- it is rich in beta-carotens and vitamin C; in small amounts it contains vitamin B and also potassium and chrome. It has high proportions of fibres and there is almost no fat. It contains 6% of carbohydrates and 3% of proteins.

Tomatoes are the essential element of healthy nutrition and that is why they are employed in the weight loss diet programmes, and also in cleansing diets.


Tomato powder

The tomato is one of the most useful dried cultivated plants applied as an ingredient to a number of foodstuffs. Thanks to our office in Mexico we are able to elaborate the plant according to the customer's requirements directly after the harvest. The tomato powder can be manufactured by an industry oven or by a so-called "spray drying" method.

The utilisation of the tomato powder

It is used like as an ingredient into pasta, juices, pastry, flavouring, soup and sauce mixtures.