Nopal Opuncius ficus indica - Nopal is a traditional Latin American vegetable, opuntia – cactus which is used in the food industry for its exquisite rich nutritional values, and after a laboratory treatment it is used in the cosmetical and the farmaceutical industry.

Nopal is very rich in insoluble and especially soluble dietary fibre. It is rich in vitamins (especially vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, but also riboflavin and vitamins B5, B6, B12) and minerals too (especially calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron).
This opuncia has a special nutritional value, because it grows in volcanic lava fileds in Latin America, which ensures the high amount of natural substances. Furthermore, it is rich in amino acids and it contains 17 out of 21 amino acids essential to the body which occur in the nature.

Nopal - Opuncia

Nopal is an antioxidant containing pectins which stop the production of free radicals. In very small amounts there is berberin which serves to suppress anxious states. It contributes to the health prosperity, and it is perceived as prevention against diseases such as diabetes, large intestine cancer, and it excretes cholesterol aemia. Nopal also reduces the glycemic index and it does not contain gluten.

Nopal imported by Partners Ardanas Company grows in lava fields that belong to the most fertile lands and thus it has unusually high nutritional values.

The overview of qualities of Nopal

The development of products containing Nopal

Nopal powder

The processing of Nopal into a powder proceeds in the following steps.
After the harvest of the cactus leaves there comes the drying procedure at low temperature. In the next step a dry residue is mashed according to the customer’s requirement. Our powder can be processed in various mesh sizes of 60, 80 or 100 Mesh. Our standard mesh size is 100 Mesh. Nopal dry mass owes its content of high levels of all natural substances to the considerate drying in industrial ovens.
The preservatives are not present in the elaboration process and it does not contain amyloid, sugar, maize, soya, wheat, and dairy products.

It is possible to make up Nopal according to customer’s specific requirements both during the elaboration process, and in the elaboration process of final product for the client.

We offer both conventional Nopal, and BIO Nopal which is certified by European Accreditation of Certification.

Nopal juice

It is obtained after the pressing process and filtration. After the technical processing of the product there remains a dissolved fibre. The Nopal juice is offered as a 100% natural product or in a concentrated form 1: 5. The nutritional profile of cactus is retained.

Nopal oil

This kind of oil is acquired on the basis of an operation by which the opuncia seeds are pressed during the cold process. The oil is exceptionally rich in vitamin E and sterols. This substance protects the skin against free radicals. Analysis shows this type of oil is also rich in essential oily acids. This substance, thanks to its singularity, helps fight against the skin drying, improves the hydration and slows the skin aging.