The formulation of the production process of food

The elaboration of cultivated plants in the country of their origin

Thanks to our close relations to the producers of our imported products, we are able to fulfill your requirements and adjust the product right after the harvest. Partners Ardanas Company founded a Czech-Mexican company in Latin America which has united those growers of the natural products we have chosen. We solve the most complex processes with Mexican universitiesʼ professors who provide us with optimal functions of the elaboration processes and we apply them in laboratory conditions where we develop the samples. Once you have tested and approved the samples, we ensure you the deliveries by the help of the industrial manufacturing. Our pilot project is to modify the product made from opuncia called Nopal so that it complies with the requirements of the European Union market. In addition to the present products from Nopal we are working on its further preparation.

Processing in the country of origin

The development of a new product

We have been working in the food industry since the early 90s of the twentieth century. We are aware that the professional approach by consultancy in production is an important fact to the effective presentation of the products to the market. Hence we use the knowledge and cooperation of the Czech and European experts from university background. They formulate a process for us, they transfer the pieces of knowledge from the production field, and they prepare classified studies concerning the new product for you. Thereby we ensure your company just the important innovation which is required by the market.