Chia - Salvia hispanica – Chia is an oil seed which contains valuable nutritional component units, e.g. Omega-3, fiber, calcium, iron, proteins and other components. From the point of view of nutritional values it represents the peak among oil seeds and it is perceived as an excellent food supplement.
Chia also contains natural antioxidants which help to sustain levels of Omega-3 and to efficiently absorb them in the human body. Omega-3 fatty acid (EPA and DHA) oxidates more easily than the same Omega in Chia (ALA) does. Omega-3 serves as an energy store, it contributes to the production of cell membranes and it supports blood circulation.
The amount of Omega-3 in Chia makes this product a world champion thanks to its contents of this substance which is one of the most discussed in terms of human health nowadays. It is clear that if we ensure the abundance of this substance in human body, this will unequivocally benefit from it.

Chia - Salvia hispanica

Chia – the overview of qualities

Omega 3 - essential oil acids

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