About the Company

Partners Ardanas Company specializes in a new kind of services that are gradually becoming an important component unit of the Czech and Slovak food market for the development and inovation of final food products.
It aims primarily at a so-called new product development (NPD) which guarantees the customers a sustainable development in the food inovation branch.
An important aim of Partners Ardanas Company is to ensure its customers a full range of services in this area, especially as far as the life cycle of the product is concerned.
In 2009 we founded a Czech-Mexican corporation which deals with the first class deliveries in order to ensure a quality service to European customers.
Its activity focuses namely on choice of the reliable suppliers and the control of the goods.
Within the food innovation process itself, we cooperate with the principal Latin American and European Union university experts.
This way we achieve results which satisfy even the most demanding clients.

The history

Partners Ardanas Company was founded in 1997 with the aim to joint an independent Czech food retailing market into a set of franchises.
In the course of the time, the company created a trade network counting around 300 department stores, supermarkets and self-service shops into a solid network earning about 200 mil EUR per year.
The main suppliers of the network of franchises situated in the territory of Bohemia and Moravia were:

and other Czech companies supplying products and goods, as well as services.

Partners Ardanas Company helped to create the Social Cooperative Partners Ardanas.